Weighted Blanket by Bambury

Weighted Blanket by Bambury

This blanket applies weight to your body's pressure points in order to help promote the production of sleep hormones. It is designed to feel like you are being wrapped in a big cosy hug, which can promote relaxation and help reduce anxiety - hopefully leading to a better, and calmer night's sleep!

The blanket is significantly weighted, it is filled with glass beads, and because of this it is not machine washable, however our blanket can be covered with any single-sized quilt cover to help protect it from marks and spills. One side of this grey coloured blanket has a soft plush finish and the other side is a flat cotton weave fabric.

There are three blanket weights that are available, and users must select a blanket weight according to the body weight of the user: 4.5kg (25-55kg), 6.8kg (55-85kg) and 9kg (>85kg). The blankets are designed for one person only and are not to be used by infants or small children, please refer to instructions carefully. 140 x 210cm.

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Polyester & Cotton, filled with glass beads.
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