Silk Sensation Winter Duvet

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Silk Sensation Winter Duvet

The days of overheating under bulky, shifting, hot feather down duvets, or cotton and/or polyester/dacron/nylon blends are over.

While these outdated relics retain, absorb and reflect heat and moisture back onto the sleeper, Silk Sensation silk bedding retains warmth but expells moisture. This creates the perfect partnership of warmth and dryness allowing everyone to sleep comfortably throughout the night without having to kick the covers off, and without having to fight with their partner as to which weight of duvet they want on the bed.

Our Silk sensation silk duvets are handmade using the finest quality long fibre mulberry silk, and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Ideal for all year round use in cooler climates, or suitable for those who prefer a warmer nights sleep. Full 400g/m2 winter weight duvet inner designed to be cosy, down to an indoor night time temperature of 4°C and yet still be comfortable up to 18°C.

Product Name Price Qty
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - Single
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - King Single
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - Queen
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - King
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - Super King
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - SKAU/ Californian King
Silk Sensation Winter Duvet - Oversized California King



Single 140 x 210cm
Double 180 x 210cm
Queen 210 x 210cm
King 245 x 210cm
Super King 265 x 210cm
Oversized Californian King 280x245cm
Australian Super King/Cali King 270 x 240cm

  • 400gsm
  • Inner: Mulberry silk
  • Outer: White stripe 240 thread count 100% cotton
  • No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process
  • Bed bug resistant
  • Hypoallergenic

Silk sensations duvet inners feature clips / ties on all four corners of the product which allows two summer inners together to make a winter inner, or for extra warmth in winter, clip / tie a summer & winter weight together.

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