Savona Quilted Suede Valance Bedwrap 45cm Drop - Linen

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Savona Quilted Suede Valance Bedwrap 45cm Drop - Linen

Savona Quilted Suede Valance Bedwrap 45cm Drop - Linen - For an effortless and contemporary finish, the beautifully styled BEDWRAP is the perfect complement to your bed linen. Made from long lasting high quality faux suede, use the BEDWRAP to decorate your bed base without having to remove your mattress or linen.

The Quilted Bedwrap is elasticised on the top part that goes under the mattress only, the bottom falls to the ground. There is a gap at the top side which will allow for fitting of a headboard if necessary.

The bedwraps have elastic at the top, while the bottom of the quilted bedwrap is loose. This provides enough give for it to be lifted high enough to open a drawer from time to time. They also only have 3 sides as well, which allows for a bed headboard, and this will also allow more give for the bedwrap to be lifted in order to open a drawer.

Product Name Price Qty
Linen Quilted Valance Single
Linen Quilted Valance King Single
Linen Quilted Valance Double
Linen Quilted Valance King
Linen Quilted Valance Super King NZ



Single- 91x190+ 45cm
King Single- 107x203 + 45cm
Double- 135x190 + 45cm
Queen- 152x203 + 45cm
King- 168x203 + 45cm
Super King- 180x203 + 45cm

Faux Suede

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