PROTECT-A-BED Cumfysafe Mattress Protector

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PROTECT-A-BED Cumfysafe Mattress Protector

The CumfySafe® mattress protector is the ideal solution for people with sensitive skin. It provides all of the health benefits of our Elite mattress protector, featuring thermo-regulating properties of TENCEL®.

The CumfySafe® protector has natural anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic properties while providing a silky and luxurious sleep surface.

TENCEL® is a 100% Natural Hygiene Eucalyptus based fibre, is naturally pure and does not contain any pesticides or agricultural chemicals. It's silky surface acts like a 'second skin' due to its thermo-regulating properties.

Miracle Membrane® makes for a 100% waterproof mattress protector, with additional protection on all sides providing the ultimate in liquid and stain mattress protection. Miracle Membrane® is also an excellent barrier to allergens and dust mites. You will rest easy knowing you have a healthy sleep environment while extending the life of your mattress. This fitted sheet style mattress protector ensures a snug fit on any mattress while allowing easy removal and re-use.

Product Name Price Qty
CumfySafe Mattress Protector Single
CumfySafe Mattress Protector King Single
CumfySafe Mattress Protector Double
CumfySafe Mattress Protector Queen
CumfySafe Mattress Protector NZ King
CumfySafe Mattress Protector Super King
CumfySafe Mattress Protector California King



Single 92x188cm King Single 107x204cm Double 138x188cm Queen 152x204cm  King NZ 168 x 204cm Super King 183 x 204cm California King 200 x 203cm Pillowcas 45 x 70cm
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