Perfect Pillow by Protect-A-Bed

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Perfect Pillow by Protect-A-Bed

Whatever your sleep style the Perfect Pillow adjusts to your required comfort level, ensuring a healthier nights sleep. Extraordinary!

Ensures a healthier nights sleep - Stops spills, stains perspiration and skin flakes from penetrating the pillow.
Hypoallergenic allergen barrier - protecting you and your family from the allergens that can cause sneezing, asthma and rhinitis while sleeping. 
Wipe clean surface - if a spillage occurs simply wipe the pillow clean with a cloth.
Breathe-a-vent - ensures the pillow remains cool while sleeping and avoids flat pillow syndrome.
Miracle layer - breathable, silent and stain proof.
Suits all sleeping styles - stomach, side or back (height customisable).
Suits all comfort levels - soft, medium or firm (height customisable).
Height Customisable - hint: keep pillow bag to store excess fill in.
Safety zipper - ensures children cannot access the core and filling.

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Composition: Luxury ball fibre 900 grams (clump proof filling). Size: 45 x 70cm. Product Warranty: 4 Years.
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