Novadown 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

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Novadown 100% Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamboo is a soft and non-irritating fibre. It has natural antibacterial properties it is perfect for those who suffer from asthma and other allergies.

Bamboo bedding can help reduce the likelihood of asthma and allergy flare ups. Bamboo fibre has many micro-gaps and micro-holes making bamboo highly absorbent and breathable. Moisture is absorbed from the body and is released into the air, leaving you dry and comfortable.

In cooler conditions it provides insulation, retaining body warmth by trapping pockets of warm air against your skin. Unlike cotton, Bamboo needs to pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals to grow. It grows fast and due to its extensive root network requires no replanting. Its dense growth resists soil erosion and actually improves soil quality. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which makes Bamboo bedding an incredibly environmentally sustainable choice. 5 year guarantee of unconditional fine workmanship and quality Choose from White, Ivory or Stone colourways


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Single Set- Flat 180x260cm; Fitted 91x190x45cm + 1 Std Pillowcase

King Single Set- Flat 200x270cm; Fitted 105x203x45cm + 1 Std Pillowcase Queen Set- Flat 245x270cm; Fitted 152x203x45cm + 2 Std Pillowcases

King Set- Flat 270x270cm; Fitted 168x203x45cm + 2 Std Pillowcases

Super King Set- Flat 285x270cm; Fitted 183x203x45cm + 2 Std Pillowcases

Californian King Set- Flat 295x270cm; Fitted 205x205x45cm + 2 Std Pillowcases Extra Pillowcase Pairs- 48x73cm

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