Limon Intrepid Adana Floor Rug - Ecru-Grey

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Limon Intrepid Adana Floor Rug - Ecru-Grey

Transform your space into a warm and cosy haven with our new Intrepid floor rug designs. Choose from bold to gentle colours and indulge in the sumptuous comfort of the 35mm pile underfoot. Tasselled fringing gives these floor rugs extra detail and a beautiful relaxed finish.

Product Name Price Qty
Adana Ecru-Grey Floor Rug 160x230cm
Adana Ecru-Grey Floor Rug 200x290cm



Sizes available:

72413 - 160x230cm
72414 - 200x290cm

100% Heatset Polypropylene
Shaggy Floor Rug - 35mm Pile

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