Hungarian Goose Down Marriage Saver Duvet - Split Warmth

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Hungarian Goose Down Marriage Saver Duvet - Split Warmth

Our Marriage Saver Duvet inner is designed to bring peace to your bedroom by accommodating both his and her individual sleeping needs.The concept behind this duvet is simple: Each duvet inner is made up of two different warmth halves and you are able to choose from three different warmth levels for either side - cool, medium and warm. To give you an idea of the warmth of each of these levels: The "warm" fill is the same grams per square meter as our 95% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, the "cool" fill is the same as the 95% Hungarian Goose Down Summerweight Duvet and the "medium" fill is in between the two.
No matter which warmth combination you choose, the fill for this duvet is always 95% Hungarian goose down for the ultimate comfort and luxury, the only difference is the fill weight.

Hungarian goose down is such a sought-after down because it allows for a more efficient trapping of air and is the reason for this duvet’s exceptional warmth to weight ratio. The fill is encased in a 400 thread count cotton sateen fabric cover, that features a baffled wall box cassette construction to ensure that there is no fill movement and that each duvet side keeps its unique warmth level. For those duvets that have any uneven number of chambers, the warmer fill always has the one extra chamber.

Carries the Asthma Foundation Sensitive Choice Approval, making it safe for people suffering from asthma and allergies.


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Fill - 95% Hungarian goose down, 5% Hungarian goose feather Cover - 100% cotton sateen (400 thread count)

Made using the baffled box style construction

Safe for people suffering from asthma and allergies - Sensitive Choice approved

Made in New Zealand Each duvet comes with a 5 year guarantee of unconditional fine workmanship and quality.

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