Hemp Pillow by Natures Bedding

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Hemp Pillow by Natures Bedding

The Natures Bedding Co Hemp pillows have a low carbon footprint, and are biodegradable and sustainable.

Hemp is wonderfully breathable, which helps regulate thermal performance. It has low conductivity and high thermal mass, allowing you to keep warm in the winter but also cool during the warmer summer nights.

500g Hemp Fibre, 500g Poly Core.

70 x 45cm.




Hemp is non allergenic and antibacterial, meaning that along it is perfect for allergy sufferers. Fibres such as cotton, wool, tencels and synthetics have processes in their growth and production that cause a heavy carbon footprint, whereas fibres such as hemp have extremely simple production processes which means a low carbon footprint. While the hemp plant grows, it will absorb up to two tonnes of CO₂ per tonne of fibre harvested, therefore reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The CO₂ is never released from the hemp throughout its lifetime, making hemp a carbon neutral fibre.

Cover - 100% Cotton.
Fill - 50% Hemp Fibre, 50% Poly Core.

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