Collezióne Opussum Natural Fur Throw - Natural Brown

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Collezióne Opussum Natural Fur Throw - Natural Brown

Opossum - Natural Brown - Bring the elegant beauty of the wild into your home. You will love the warmth, softness and durability of Collezóne.

As these products are made of natural furs, there may be variation in colour, pattern, texture, and size from the descriptions and images. You may also find slight imperfections such as marks or discolouration which occur naturally in these beautiful pieces. We hope you enjoy the individuality of these luxury pieces.

Product Name Price Qty
Opossum Throw - Natural Brown 80x135cm
Opossum Throw - Natural Brown 100x180cm
Opossum Throw - Natural Brown 160x180cm
Opossum Throw - Natural Brown 200x225cm



As opossum fur are natural products, sizes, patterns and colours may vary from pictures shown. NZ Brushtail Opossum Fur Front / Plush Velour back
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