Bambury Electric Blanket

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Bambury Electric Blanket

Keep warm with Bambury's Electric Blanket, available in a range of sizes for your family. The Electric Blanket comes with dual controllers(*) for individual comfort, and three heat settings with raised dot indicators, to make it easier when having to operate the controller in the dark.

The controllers are also detachable which allows for safe washing and they come with an overheating safeguard system, all of which meet the strict Australian and New Zealand safety standards. The Blankets are fully fitted, meaning that they have fabric side walls rather than just elastic straps. and come with a 2 year warranty.

Please note Bambury items have a 10 day dispatch time.

Product Name Price Qty
Bambury Electric Blanket Single
Bambury Electric Blanket King Single
Bambury Electric Blanket Super King (Australian King)



Single 91 x 193 + 40cm

King Single107 x 203 + 40cm

Double137 x 193 + 40cm

Queen152 x 203 + 40cm

Super King182 x 203 + 40cm

170.00 In stock