All Seasons Wool Cot Duvet by Fairydown

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All Seasons Wool Cot Duvet by Fairydown

The All Seasons concept features 2 duvets in 1 for year-round flexibility. The two duvets have different weights for individual use during spring, autumn and summer. For cooler temperatures, the two duvets easily join together to provide extra warmth.

Made from premium high loft wool and cased in natural cotton, the All Seasons Wool Cot Duvet provides superior insulation and comfort for your baby.




Recent studies have shown that sleeping in wool provides a more restful sleep. Wool’s natural properties regulate your baby’s temperature by drawing moisture away from them to ensure a healthier sleep.

Fairydown are a Plunket "helping hand partner" meaning Fairydown Baby products have been endorsed by Plunket, meeting thier tight safety requirements.  Fairydown donate a portion of annual profit to Plunket so by purchasing a Fairydown Baby product you are helping Plunket to support New Zealand families. 

The best for your baby, Fairydown wool.

* Premium high loft wool fill
* 200gsm + 300gsm
* White cotton case with 215 threads per 10 square centimetres
* US Sizing – 100cm x 130cm
* Soft carded wool encased in cotton and quilted with a straight stitch
    Dome set
* Satin binding
* Dryclean only

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