Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet by CanaCare - NZ Made

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Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet by CanaCare - NZ Made

Discover your sleep sanctuary with a luxurious,100% natural duvet inner. The inner is filled with 50% Natural fibre and blend with 50% wool grown and scoured in New Zealand encased with 100% cotton outer, keeping it totally natural. All Season 500GSM, NZ Made, for a natural sleep environment.

Benefits of bamboo bedding - Bamboo fibers are extremely light and breathable, resulting in a fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable even on those stifling summer nights. With anti-microbial properties, bamboo is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould, giving you a fresh.

Sleep easy - Boasting three times more moisture absorbency than natural cotton, this set helps to effortlessly wick away moisture, while the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties are ideal for helping to keep asthma and allergies at bay.

Product Name Price Qty
Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet Single
Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet KS/Double
Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet Queen
Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet King
Natural Bamboo/ Wool Duvet Super King



New Zealand Made, 100% natural Bamboo + wool duvet, Naturally it’s wool. Cool in Summer, warm in Winter. Asthma friendly!

Super King Size 265cm x210cm
King Size 245cm x210cm
Queen Size 210cm x210cm
Double size 180cm x 210cm
Single size 140cm x210cm

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